The Eldercare Monologues



The Fall Prevention Coalition — Los Angeles (FPC-LA) is pleased to present The Falling Monologues, which may be viewed altogether or one by one.
The Falling Monologues Full Length (37:18) –
Introduction (2:53) –
The Ladder (7:28) –
The Bus (7:31) –
The Sidewalk (6:28) –
Scatter Rug (5:15) –
Don’t Ask (7:45) –

The Falling Monologues is a series of stories reflecting the thoughts, emotions, and lessons learned by some older adults after they’ve fallen, developed as a creative approach to spark interest and start discussion about fall prevention. Written and directed by Marilyn Faber, the performances are accompanied by commentary from Emily Nabors and Anna Nguyen of the Fall Prevention Center of Excellence and Fall Prevention Coalition — Los Angeles (FPC-LA). If you work with older adults, have a group viewing of the performance! Click on the following link and scroll down to “Fact Sheets” for fall prevention handouts in multiple languages on topics such as home modification, preventing outdoor falls, assistive devices, and talking with your doctor about falls:

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