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Eldercare Monologues

Born and raised in Ft. Wayne, IN and a lifelong Unitarian (Father was Jewish from a small town in Northern Indiana – Mother was a [secular] Baptist from Southern Indiana), Robert Mendel was involved in Children’s Theater from 4th grade as an actor and backstage in Community & Student Theater from Junior High School through College at Northwestern University, where he produced plays and musicals.

Upon graduation, he high-tailed it to Los Angeles to find a path to satisfaction in the movie/TV industry, where he landed in Editing first, then Set Lighting for a brief moment, and then Location Management & Assistant Directing.

Now retired from Assistant Directing but still working in Location Scouting & Management part-time, Robert has been a part-time caregiver to his parents for the past 8 years, his father having died of natural causes in August, 2018.

Robert with his Mom & Dad
Robert with his Mom & Dad